Programmatic Digital out of home, the much talked about concept has more to it than meets the eye. Often reduced to process automation, programmatic DOOH when implemented in full capacity brings in a 360 degree transformation to DOOH screens while simultaneously building effective new ways to deliver relevant audience exposures.

This 2 part blog encapsulates the many facets of programmatic digital out of home, giving deeper understanding of the medium and acknowledging the true meaning of being programmatic ready.

Defining Programmatic Digital Out of Home  

Also referred to as pDOOH, Programmatic DOOH is an automated process of buying ads supported with data & technology and implemented through standard digital platform following IAB protocols.

Part 1 – Basic Accompaniment of Programmatic DOOH

Listed below are the default features that are activated with the activation of programmatic technology on DOOH screens. These features range from automation to addressable targeting, making every exposure relevant and in turn delivering maximum audience reach.

Feature 1 – Automation

Most commonly understood feature of Programmatic digital out of home is Automation. Programmatic technology ushers in automation at several levels involved in DOOH campaigns.

  • Automates Buying & Selling of Ads – Standard digital Ad tech platforms automate the sale & delivery of ads much like how digital media ads are transacted today.
  • Automates Creative Rotation – Ads can be scheduled to run basis pre-defined ad delivery & optimization parameters.
  • Automates Reporting – Exposure volume is tracked with the activation of the campaign, giving an aggregated output & single view for multiple screen networks.  
  • Automates Ad Delivery & Tracking– Setup the campaign on the Programmatic digital out of home platform as per the requirement and monitor it’s progression with a single view dashboard.

Feature 2 – Digital Connect

Programmatic digital out of home enables a digital connect making DOOH screens a part of the mainstream digital ecosystem. In simple words, ad campaigns being run on web and mobile can be seamlessly incorporated on DOOH screens through integration with DSP’s like Google DV360, Verizon, MeadiMath etc. This gives advertisers the opportunity to device omni-channel as well cross device strategies, doubling the overall impact of the brand on audiences.

Feature 3 – Data Enriched Media Decisions

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The key feature of being Programmatic ready is data enriched media decision.  Data fuels the ad delivery decision at multiple levels in programmatic digital out of home campaigns.

  • Addressable Targeting – Based on the audience data, advertisers can target the right set of audiences on screens that cater to the relevant TG.
  • Time-Band based ad scheduling – Understanding the footfall pattern coupled with audience intelligence, campaigns can be scheduled to run only for specific hours or at peak times, resulting in optimized ad delivery.
  • Audience Insights – Knowing who saw the ad and dwelling deeper into other aspects like hand set ownership, interest and personas etc. can be fetched through integrated data partnerships and in-house information sourced through Data Management Platform.

Feature 4 – Contextual & Real Time Ad Sync

Programmatic Digital out of Home leverages data further to craft innovative solutions for advertisers.  With data ingested from live feeds and other API integration, campaigns can be activated basis context and moments.

Context Effect – Brands can customize creatives basis context

E.g. – Lunch hours can be leveraged by food delivery brands.

E.g. – OTT platforms can promote long format content over the weekends & episodes on weekdays.

E.g. – Formal wear brands can be contextually placed at co-operate hubs.

Real Time Moment Marketing-

Brands can activate campaigns in real time sync with moments like weather conditions,traffic signal, Pollution levels, sport scores and other relevant triggers with appropriate messaging.

Feature 5 – Dynamic Creative Rendering

Being relevant in current times is absolutely imperative to win user attention.  This can be easily attained using programmatic digital out of home screens, as dynamic ad rendering can be activated for campaigns. Creative flexibility reduces ad rotation time from days to minutes allowing advertisers to get creative and deliver appropriate messages to the viewing audiences. Dynamic ads can be rendered independently or can be paired with context, location and real time triggers.

All of the above mentioned features are bundled in programmatic Digital out of home offering. Lemma being pioneers in this space ensure that every aspect of programmatic DOOH is channelized to enhance offerings to both media owners and brand experiences.

Part 2 of this blog will focus on the synergies between mobile and DOOH. It would largely cover location and mobile intelligence and how brands can use these in unison to target as well as measure digital out of home ad impact.