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Our sophisticated Supply Side Platform platform puts control back in your hands, allowing you to onboard, integrate, package, optimize and monetize your inventory.

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Tailored for emerging formats such as DOOH, CTV/ OTT, retail media, and beyond, Lemma Sigma boasts programmatic bidding that sells inventory in real-time through both private marketplaces as well as open auctions, and uses its native engine to ensure Monetization is optimal at all times.

Designed for publishers and media owners, Sigma effortlessly integrates with top demand partners, automating sales and enhancing operational efficiency.

Integrating your 1st party publisher data into Lemma Sigma enables the creation of valuable interest-based audience segments, offering advertisers precise targeting opportunities.

Maximize impression value by concurrently selling your inventory to multiple buyers in real-time, driving competitive pricing.

Lemma offers direct activation of guaranteed deals and integrations with leading 3rd party demand side platforms for preferred deals. This empowers publishers to optimize their long-term revenue potential.

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