Generations United: The Changing Faces of CTV Audiences

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In today’s rapidly evolving media landscape, CTV platforms have been profoundly transformed by Millennials, Generation Z, and Generation Alpha.

Generations United: The Changing Faces of CTV Audiences

In today’s rapidly evolving media landscape, CTV platforms have been profoundly transformed by Millennials, Generation Z, and Generation Alpha. Their digital fluency and preference for personalized content have fuelled a notable shift away from traditional television consumption habits, driving the popularity of on-demand viewing. With a focus on authenticity, diversity, and relevance, individuals within these demographics have seamlessly integrated Connected TV into their daily routines. This integration reflects not only a change in how entertainment is consumed but also highlights the adaptability of these generations to embrace new technologies and experiences that cater to their evolving preferences.

Here are some content viewing habits /trends across generations:

Millennials (Born: early 1980s to mid-1990s):

  • Pioneered the departure from traditional TV consumption habits
  • Preference for on-demand, personalized content
  • Embrace digital streaming services and CTV platforms for convenience
  • Desire for authenticity, diversity, and relevance in content
  • Digital fluency and comfort with technology accelerated Connected TV integration into daily lives
  • Leveraging social features and interactive experiences on Connected TV platforms

Generation Z (Born: mid-1990s to early 2010s):

  • Further fuelled the shift towards on-demand, personalized content
  • Strong reliance on mobile devices for content consumption
  • Seamless integration with social media platforms
  • Preference for diverse and niche content offerings on Connected TV platforms
  • Expectation of flexibility and choice in entertainment options
  • Key drivers of innovation in Connected TV platform design and functionality

Generation Alpha (Born: mid-2010s onwards):

  • Inherent fluency with digital platforms from a young age
  • Expectation of instant access to personalized content
  • Shaping entertainment consumption habits around Connected TV platforms
  • Diverse interests and preferences catered to by tailored content options
  • Growing importance as a demographic for advertisers and content creators
  • Accelerating the evolution of Connected TV platforms to meet their needs


As consumers across these generations continue to drive the evolution of Connected TV platforms, providers and advertisers need to remain responsive to their evolving preferences and behaviors.

 Viewing Trends:

Across all generations, there is a notable shift towards Connected TV platforms as the preferred medium for entertainment consumption.

  • Millennials were early adopters, leading the departure from traditional TV viewing habits towards on-demand, personalized content offered by Connected TV platforms
  • Generation Z has further accelerated Connected TV adoption, with their strong reliance on mobile devices and seamless integration with social media platforms driving increased usage
  • Generation Alpha, growing up in a digital-centric world, has quickly embraced Connected TV as a primary source of entertainment, showcasing the medium’s widespread appeal across all age groups

This trend underscores the importance of Connected TV platforms in catering to consumers’ evolving preferences and behaviours across different generations, solidifying its position as a dominant force in the modern media landscape.

What it means for advertisers and brand marketers:

  • Leveraging Connected TV provides a unique opportunity to capture the attention of all generations.
  • With CTV’s widespread adoption across millennials, Generation Z, and Generation Alpha, advertisers can reach a diverse audience demographic using a single platform.
  • Targeted advertising on Connected TV allows for personalized messaging tailored to each generation’s preferences.
  • The interactive nature of Connected TV ads enhances engagement, fostering stronger connections between brands and consumers.

By embracing Connected TV, advertisers can maximize their reach and impact, driving brand awareness and engagement across all age groups for greater success.

Lemma empowers brands to efficiently reach all generations on Connected TV platforms:

  • Targeted Advertising: Tailor messages to each generation’s preferences
  • Comprehensive Reach: Access millennials, Generation Z, and Generation Alpha across diverse channels
  • Personalized Experiences: Deliver engaging ad experiences for deeper connections
  • Data-driven Insights: Gain valuable insights to optimize campaigns effectively
  • Seamless Integration: Integrate Connected TV campaigns with other marketing efforts effortlessly

Did you know? With over 1.1 billion Connected TV devices worldwide, 98% of internet-connected households are accessible through open programmatic CTV Advertising. In the UK, two-thirds of the population watches digital videos on Connected TV devices, while nearly 69% of Americans are Connected TV users.

With Lemma’s capabilities, brands can seamlessly connect with all generations on Connected TV platforms. Stay tuned for further insights and discoveries as we continue to explore the ever-changing world of Connected TV!

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