CTV Sees Record Surge in Global Sports Viewership in 2024

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Streaming content on CTV has expanded its reach across all genres, including sports.

CTV Sees Record Surge in Global Sports Viewership in 2024

Streaming content on CTV has expanded its reach across all genres, including sports. There is a significant surge in live sports streaming, with 74% of CTV users opting for streaming applications, a notable increase from 68% in 2023 (Source: Stadium to Screen: Streaming Live Sports in 2024). Viewers’ pursuit of garnering premium experiences is compelling advertisers to harness the power of CTV ads & tap into niche audiences via sports leagues and tentpole events.

A report by The Trade Desk and Yovgov suggests that 74 % of advertisers believe that buying CTV ads alongside live sports is more effective than traditional sports sponsorships. While it’s thrilling to witness advertisers venturing into this medium, here are some key considerations to keep in mind when planning for the big screen.

Audience Engagement: Evaluate the level of audience engagement with sports content on the Connected TV platform to ensure that ads will be seen by a highly engaged and passionate audience. Studies show CTV viewers on average watch 4-6 different sports, varying by region. Choose sports events relevant to your brand and effective in reaching your target audience/market.

Contextual Relevance: A Little over 70% of viewers wish TV ads/commercials during sporting events were more relevant to them (Source: Stadium to Screen: Streaming Live Sports in 2024). Consider the context in which your ads will appear alongside sports content to ensure they align with your brand’s message and audiences.

Leverage moment marketing: Brands can capitalize on key moments during live sports events to deliver timely and relevant ads that resonate with viewers’ emotions and experiences at the moment.

In-venue CTV: Certain platforms like Lemma offer a seamless and transparent method to purchase premium CTV screens strategically positioned in real-world locations that align with contextual relevance, programmatically. CTV screens are strategically positioned in sports arenas, fitness centers, and sports bars, guaranteeing that brand ads are seen by engaged fans and fitness enthusiasts during pivotal moments.

Timing and Scheduling: Evaluate the timing and scheduling of sports events on CTV to ensure that ads are strategically placed during high viewership periods, such as prime time during popular sports tournaments.

Interactive Creatives: Brands can engage viewers in interactive campaigns during live sports events on CTV, to enhance viewer participation and foster deeper connections with the brand.

Lemma offers a comprehensive suite of advertising solutions tailored for CTV. With Lemma, advertisers can ensure optimal engagement by leveraging audience insights and contextual relevance. Moment marketing during live events and strategic timing further enhance ad effectiveness. Our interactive creatives foster deeper connections with viewers, while access to premium Apps and in-venue CTV inventory maximizes reach beyond the basics. With Lemma, advertisers can effectively connect with sports enthusiasts, delivering impactful campaigns that resonate with them.

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