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Lemma platform gives our customers comprehensive transparency including site, financial, real-time dashboards, and quarterly reports. We also provide a detailed reporting environment with customizable views, enabling users to create potential configurations. Launch a high-performance campaign in minutes. Beneath the intuitive UI is a level of sophistication that lets marketer's express objectives and see what the system is learning as it optimizes and improves. Built-in fraud and brand-safety filters and controls, validated against independent third parties lead to quality results.

Efficient approach

Change the traditional and time consuming approach of selling your direct and indirect inventory more efficiently by using our platform thus reducing the efforts and execute guaranteed and non-guaranteed sales more effectively.

One Stop Shop

Control and manage your premium & remnant inventory across multiple channels at a single place


Easily access tailored audience based on the location, interest, day & time parting thus fulfilling the media buyers needs.

Maximize ROI

Control and manage your premium & remnant inventory across multiple channels at a single place.

User friendly

Easily automate tag generation from our UI and use it directly into your platform (if available).

Granular reporting

Quartile level repoting along with customized reporting access.


Lemma is an additional demand and revenue source for Digital Media owners.

Lemma IoT solution helps digital screen owners get maximum value of their screens by

  • Connecting screens to Lemma Programtic Ad Exchange on the cloud
  • Opening up ad slots on the screens to advertisers all over the world
  • Providing additional revenue to Publishers from premium advertisers.
  • Giving Publishers control of all advertisements running on their screens
  • Providing detailed reports for Proof-Of-Play and transparent billing to advertisers.


Lemma Ad Exchange enables advertisers to programatically buy Ad Slots on DOOH.

  • Proof of play allows advertisers to buy with confidence.
  • Audience numbers and segment insights allow advertisers to plan campaigns better
  • Advertisers can target campaigns based on
    • Day parting - Run different creatives on different days of the week
    • Time parting - Different creatives for different times of the day
    • Traffic conditions - Show a different creative when there is heavy traffic, or on a red signal.
    • Weather conditions - When the temperature goes above 35 Celsius show an campaign for an air conditioner. Show an advertisement for leak proofing your home when it starts raining.

About Us

Established in Mid 2016, Lemma Technologies is a startup focused on developing solutions for the Digital Out Of Home Advertising ecosystem. Lemma aims to enable Digital Media owners to make slots on Digital Displays available to buyers across the globe. Lemma also aims to enable Advertisers and Brand owners to be able to make educated decisions on buying Ad slots on Digital outdoor media worldwide. This would enable Digital Outdoor Media to be traded as easily as other advertisements on other digital media like Web, Mobile, Video, Facebook, Twitter etc. One of the problems with Outdoor Advertising is tracking. Lemma is working on innovative solutions for audience tracking in this space. This would lead to buyers buying with more confidence.


Lemma is founded by entrepreneurs, coming from PubMatic and WPP, with deep understanding and collective experience on more than 50 years in the digital advertising space. They believe that solutions offering ease of transactions, audience tracking, and transparent reporting will boost spend on DOOH and that DOOH will become a bigger piece of the Outdoor Advertising pie, with traditional OOH media being converted to digital, along with new channels of Digital media opening up.

Journey so far

Lemma has built a Cloud based Ad Exchange solution for Digital Outdoor Media. This allows Digital publishers like owners of Outdoor Digital Billboards, Screens in shops, malls, hotels etc to connect their screens to the Lemma Ad exchange, and Advertisers to run campaigns on these connected screens.

Currently Lemma has currently integrated with 40+ digital billboards in Pune which is around 80% of the total.

Lemma has run many successful campaigns via it's Ad Exchange platform including

  • Muthoot Finance - via Kinetic digital
  • Colors TV - Marathi serial Chahul
  • Sunburn Music festival - Via Percept Live

These campaigns were well received and the advertisers saw good ROI from these campaigns.

Future plans

Lemma would soon be connecting to screens in Malls and Shops in Pune, and also connecting to Digital screens in other cities like Bangalore, Delhi, and Mumbai.

Lemma is also working on integrating face recognition, eyeball tracking and passive wifi tracking to track audience for the Digital screens.

Latest Case Studies

Helping cab hailing companies reach out to drivers with DOOH

Cab hailing companies like UBER and OLA are on the lookout for drivers to join them. They want to reach out to drivers and enroll them to drive for their companies. Lemma Technologies ran a study of how advertisements on Outdoor Digital screens can be leveraged to reach out to drivers.


Midas Entertainment Bottoms Up Cocktail Fest!!

The Bottoms up cocktail fest was their latest event. It was a 2 day festival celebrating the great and good ofthe city's cocktail scene including the bars and brands. The event also had food trucks and live music on Saturday night. They came to us a week before their event.


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