How programmatic technology can help screen owners accomplish optimal fill rate, subsequently increasing revenue yield.

The Digital out of home industry is projected at 16Bn dollars this year (Globally), making OOH the only traditional ad category still growing strong. This number is further expected to double by 2025 to 34.2Bn Dollars owning to technological advancement in the DOOH Ad space. The growth of DOOH industry will be propelled with programmatic technology as it makes the medium more targeted and addressable,thereby making it alluring to the digital marketers.

There is this long misconception that programmatic is synonymous to digital display, however this is no longer the case. Several forms of traditional media including DOOH are transacted programmatically today. Programmatic in simple terms can be understood as facilitating media buys backed with data and technology, while opening the possibilities of connecting with multiple advertisers from across regions

Industry experts believe that the incremental revenue in DOOH will be driven by Digitization, Automation and Audience metrics. With programmatic platforms DOOH media owners can leverage and adapt to the changing market requirements, thereby gaining access to a new revenue stream & new advertiser.

Here’s a few ways of how Programmatic DOOH (pDOOH) AdTech platforms can benefit you, if you own a DOOH Screen.


85% of campaigns were from digital agencies.

pDOOH AdTech platforms serve as digital facilitators wherein they connect your screens to standard digital platforms, thereby unifying the two ad worlds. Lemma is one such platform that connects screens to standard digital platforms like Google DV360, Verizon DSP and others thereby sourcing demand from digital brands and marketers. Often viewed as an extension to digital screens, DOOH can now finally source demand from these new digital advertisers resulting in optimal fill rate and improved revenue.  With pDOOH media owners are now empowered to be a part of $2.5Bn digital ad industry in India.


Listing on a programmatic network can help screen owners get discovered by advertisers who otherwise may not be aware of the screens and its availability. pDOOH platforms serve as the hub for buying screens/audiences from a single platform, thus automating the buying process for marketers. Being listed on a programmatic network allows advertisers to evaluate the screen, traffic and other audience parameters (through data made available via DMP- data management platform) thereby eliminating the need for manual intervention in terms of negotiations or insertion orders, subsequently presenting a huge efficiency gain for media owners & new business opportunities.


Using programmatic would definitely boost fill rates given that it would be a combination of direct sales got in from the sales team and experiencing organic sales through programmatic DOOH platform like Lemma

All of the above listed benefits simply translate into higher revenue yield and better operational efficiencies. You can simply plug in your available inventory onto a programmatic platform and see the incremental revenue it helps generate. The revenue generated however is influenced by several factors like number of screens, their locations, traffic and other variables.

How do I get a programmatic upgrade?

Lemma offers free turn key solution that converts any screen to a revenue generating device. The solution provided by Lemma includes a media player that doubles as a CMS. In addition to this Lemma has integrations with DSP’s (google DV360, MediaMath, Verizon) and SSP’s (Rubicon, Inmobi) required to go programmatic along with a data management platform that makes DOOH advertising addressable.

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