Exploring Features of Programmatic Digital OOH beyond basics.

Programmatic Digital out of home offers multiple solutions to clients and media owners if implemented correctly. The understating that programmatic digital out of home is beyond process automation and that it spans across a plethora of solutions, helps one reap maximum benefits.

Part 2 of the blog focuses on how programmatic digital out of home enhances existing strategies and compliments digital media plans, by extending campaigns on mobile devices.

Location data coupled with mobile intelligence enable robust strategies. This dynamic duo isn’t limited to targeted ad delivery but is vital in measuring DOOH ad impact via brand lift surveys.  

Quick Recap

Understanding Programmatic Digital Out of Home

Basic Accompaniment of Programmatic Digital out of home

Part 2 – Beyond the Basics

Feature 6 – HyperLocal & Proximity Based Ad Serving

HyperLocal ad serving has gained sudden popularity in the current scenario where audience movement is limited. Programmatic digital out of home enhances HyperLocal targeting with its ability to merge location data with dynamic creative sets layered with audience intelligence information, making the ads relevant, in real-time.

Here’s how a leading Smartphone brand used HyperLocal targeting with Programmatic DOOH

In addition to this Hyperlocal ads can be activated and customized to deliver greater impact.

  • Identifying locations with higher population of High Socio-economic segment and serving ads of high end / Luxury products.
  • Running language based ad sets in various locations basis the identified regional dialect.

Feature 7 – Synergy with Mobile

 DOOH and Mobile Ads have far reaching effects when used in unison to deliver campaigns. Programmatic digital out of home is a complementary medium to digital plans enabling brands to build Omni-channel presence. This can be attained in one of the two ways – Parallel Branding or Cross Device Re-targeting

Parallel Branding – Is nothing but the concurrent appearance of the ad on DOOH screens as well as the mobile devices within a specified Geo fenced area of the DOOH screens. The major advantage of this is that it converts passive users into active participants by encouraging users to interact with a brand using their mobile devices through a communication shown on DOOH screens.

Cross Device Re-targeting enables brands to build extended exposures to the audience who’s seen the DOOH ads. This helps build recall & entices users to take action on their mobile devices. Use of Programmatic DOOH in cross device targeting is advanced as is can customize the message on mobile ads basis the audience intelligence data.

How Digital out home and Mobile Ads Boost Digital Media Metrics.

Feature – 8 – Measuring Ad Impact 

This feature more relevant to the advertisers can also be explored to understand how DOOH ads impact audiences. Using the Mobile Ad ID’S a brand lift survey can be designed to know the kind of impact the DOOH ad has had on the audiences.

Using programmatic DOOH is like getting used to a new Smartphone. The more it’s utilized the more features your stumble upon. Programmatic DOOH gives advertisers and screens owners the opportunity to harness the full potential there is to this medium. Associating with right partners like Lemma will help brands & owners experience this and more enabling them to optimize ad spends and increase revenue yield, respectively.