Influencing the consumer at the last mile of the purchase journey with programmatic DOOH


A premium distilled alcohol brand sought to create a connect with consumers identified as whiskey connoisseurs.


Lemma DMP helped identify a list of pubs and resto-bars where the whiskey drinkers were in higher density vs the beer lovers.
Furthermore, a deep-dive on luxury vs premium brand consumption was also considered before narrowing down the right screens to showcase the ad.
These hotspot screens were utilized to influence the whiskey drinkers to try out the brand in question using Programmatic DOOH while also converting any fence-sitters deciding on which brand to consume.


A video campaign was launched at 42 locations identified as whiskey connoisseurs hub.
A First of its kind the video campaign was rendered during high footfall time-bands using Lemma with Google DV360 as the demand side partner.