Abhimanyu Yadav – VP – Sales –

Abhimanyu Yadav- VP- Sales, Lemma shares with us a few tactics & thoughts on how sales professionals can cope during this phase and continue to retain relations with existing clients as well as tips on fetching new prospects.

“Preparedness” is a key quality that sales professionals possess, but in the given situation one could have never imagined or been prepared to deal with a lockdown and in turn work remotely from the comfort of one’s home. As sales professionals, even with the best of technology it’s ingrained in us to have in person meetings to close deals or gain business. Somehow this situation has compelled us to find alternatives and continue work as always.

Just like many of you reading this blog, Abhimanyu Yadav VP Sales, Lemma, is also faced with similar challenges. However, with his 15 years of experience as a sales professional he has a few suggestions that may help one to overcome this challenge a little better.

Here are a few things we can be mindful of and use during this period

Things to do

  • Exhibit Agilityif your organization is prepared and has a plan B to navigate this situation, as a sales person you must be quick in adapting to the solution and help the company gain traction.
  • Utilize the travel time saved to up-skill – The obvious advantage of work from home is the time saved on travel. This time can be used to upgrade skills sets across any topic of interest.
  • Conduct virtual Knowledge sharing sessions Organize structured sessions for the clients to keep them posted about what’s new with your company or the market in general. Make sure the sessions are crisp and have some interesting topics covered.
  • Re-group and strategize – To those sales professionals managing a team, this time can be utilized to re-group and strategize on the next steps. As a leader you must ensure continued communication & coaching. Conduct weekly calls and hurdle up and keep motivating and consulting each other on business strategies

Be Mindful  

  • Ask & Listen before you Tellit’s important to showcase empathy and understand the mindset of the client at the moment. As a sales professional one must avoid sending pushy and tone- deaf messages.
  • Respect the client’s space Given that work from home is the new normal, one must not forget that functioning of processes remains the same i.e. do not just pick up the phone without taking an appointment or at least setting up a meeting. Unannounced calls can disrupt a person’s work flow.
  • Our family. Our team – While we are all focused on setting up professional life at home, we must not take for granted our family who is being ever supportive. Our family is our team now and we must not be bothered by the Nosie children make in the background, adults needing our help during a call, or even some of them making an appearance in the video. We must be welcoming and must appreciate the family’s support in their dedication of staying at home and staying safe.

While most of us hope for the lockdown to be relaxed in the coming week, it’s important to know that people will still be hesitant to have in person meetings or may limit them to a fewer number in a week or month. Hence the above tactics will come handy even post the lockdown till normalcy sets in.  As millions of us work from our homes, let’s focus on becoming better versions of ourselves, building skills, and doubling down on our hobbies and passions with the added home time self-quarantine has given us.

On a lighter note, here’s a fun, relatable video. Enjoy!

Video Credit – Youtube / Azhar Ali