Programmatic DOOH – Integrate – Extend – Amplify

Lemma is an effective solution for brands to captivate audiences on the go. Experience the true potential of DOOH with Lemma.

Data Driven Approach

At Lemma, Data is core to our system & offering. Keeping data at the centre of all our campaigns we provide effective programmatic solutions to our advertisers.

Audience Segmentation

Identify audience basis age range , gender, handset type, and other variables.

Audience Planning

Make informed media plans with access to information on audience availability across screens.

Audience Insights

Repurpose audience data and insights to structure robust retargeting campaigns across devices.


Leverage your digital campaign with Programmatic DOOH giving your brand an edge over others. 

Relevance – 

  • Create omni channel brand experiences.
  • Break through media clutter 
  • Deliver high impact and high visibility.
  • Proliferate awareness and brand recall by being present at multiple consumer touch points.

Execution – 

Lemma is compatible with all the leading DSP partners like Google DV360, Mediamath, Appnexus and others. Simply plug and play! 

Results – 


Capitalize on moments that best resonate with the brand, in real time.                                                                                        

Relevance – 

  • Be Contextually Relevant 
  • Deliver Impact 
  • Drive innovation
  • Amplify moments beyond mobile and web.                                                                                                                        

Execution – 

Tailor campaigns based on the following triggers 

  • Weather Conditions 
  • Sports Updates 
  • Traffic Conditions 
  • Time of the day 
  • Location Based 

Result – 


Synchronize brand message across screens in real time and amplify impact.                                                                                     

Relevance – 

  • Deliver high Impact 
  • Proliferate Brand Recall & Consideration                                                                                                               


Execution – 

Tap onto screens of consumers  who’ve  been exposed  to your DOOH campaign in real time across  their mobile screens. 

Access to over 450+ plus popular Mobile apps.


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