Rahil Shaikh, Product Manger at Lemma shares his WFH experience during lockdown.
Rahil Shaikh – Product Engineer -Lemma

Unlike most of us who are struggling in figuring out how to spend the day, product engineers and their teams probably have a different take. They are occupied in developing enhanced version of the product to ensure better services and features are provided to clients both during and post lockdown.

Rahil, Product Manager at Lemma also has a similar take on WFH amid lockdown and shares with us how he and his team are spearheading product development for Lemma in full swing. 

As the lockdown continues in certain cities, we can work towards delivering optimal productivity by revisiting our approach to work in office and draw parallels to those at home, to ensure seamless transition in how we work in any environment.

Here are a few tips shared by Rahil that we can all put to practice to ensure optimal productivity while living in the new “new normal”

Strike Out Tactical Tasks First

Start the day by responding to mails or completing presentation’s / product docs etc. This helps one to clear the schedule for the rest of the day, which largely involves multiple calls and discussions with the immediate as well as the larger team. This can be implemented even post lockdown where calls will be replaced with meetings and other in person discussions.

Understand | Prioritize |Develop

Product engineers generally follow this protocol which helps them accomplish several tasks in an organized manner.This includes drawing a quick check list which starts with requirement gathering from clients ,customers and the team. This is followed by prioritization, bearing in mind the business uplift that can be attained by accomplishing this task. The team then applies impact analysis to gage the impact a certain development would have on the overall line of work or business. This protocol can also be applied to work outside of product development in order to organize work and deliver tasks in a timely fashion

Schedule Daily Sync up Calls

As product engineers, it’s important to map the progress of the product development on a daily basis to ensure the products are released in a timely fashion. This is especially important when working remotely from different cities as each one is working in silos when developing the product, which then needs to come together when the feature is to be tested. Hence a daily sync up call to know the progress is necessary.

Rahil and his team also work in different time-zones as Lemma continues to build its presence across several markets. Currently operational in US, Indonesia, Malaysia, Dubai, Philippines, AU & NZ, the team tends to coordinate with clients from all regions.

Managing Work Across Time-Zones

There’s no real trick to this but to ensure you have a calendar maintained and also clocks displaying times for different zones handy on your PC so you don’t miss out on or accidentally schedule calls across different regions at the same time. This also means one can plan the day accordingly keeping aside time to rest, if the day doesn’t end and continues till 10.00 pm or beyond.

A couple of things apart from work

Displaying Empathy is Important

whether it’s a colleague you’re calling or a client, it is important to check on the situation at their end before your directly discuss work. Incase they do discuss of a situation, try and advise them with a solution or give them time to figure it out and then call them back when things get better or are sorted. Offer all help possible.

Playtime with kids, a default on the do to list

just as work needs attention, our children also deserve our time. Hence, it’s important to ensure we give them the time they require and spend a few hours with them which invariably re-energizes us as well.

For those who are immersed in work even during the lockdown it’s important to remember to take timely breaks, eat & sleep on time and ensure that health isn’t compromised due to work.

Although most of us would be familiar with most of these tips mentioned but they take a different meaning during lockdown. Even the simplest of things tend to be overlooked as people try to setup work stations at home and adapt to the new way of working.

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