A campaign launched at the Leading Airport in India in Partnership with TIM Delhi Airport Advertising .

Starting Point

A leading smartphone brand in India wanted to reach out to audiences to create awareness about their phone launch with flash charge feature.

Contextual advertising the perfect solution

Keeping in mind the brand TG and the intended objective, Lemma launched a programmatic DOOH campaign across 155 mobile charging kiosks at the Delhi airport. A common behavioral tendency of users is to back one’s phone battery before on boarding a flight. Hence, activating a contextual campaign on Mobile charging Kiosks was a perfect fitment to amplify the flash charge feature of the newly launched phone.

Leveraging audience understanding & screen advantage (both contextual fitment & dwell time) tied with data-driven insights from Lemma’s DMP (Data management platform) a real time bidding campaign was deployed using Lemma pDOOH platform with Google DV360 as a demand partner, targeting the right set of audiences with the right message.

Garnering Maximum Relevant Eyeballs

In order to reduce spillover in terms of ineffective exposures, Lemma optimized the campaign in real time and activated it only during time-bands that saw high density of footfalls. Given that the brand was keen on reaching out to millennials, we layered the campaign with data-points that helped us identify Airport terminals as a hub with high concentration of desired Target group in addition to the contextual advantage it offered.

Meaningful insights through data-harnessing

Insights gathered through this campaign can be utilized to enhance the future campaigns as well.  Data-points ranging from gender, age to even handset ownership are provided as a part of the post campaign wrap. For example – through this campaign the brand reached out to its core TG i.e. Millennials with budget smartphones. It was identified that over 78% of the users owned a budget smart phone and nearly 35% belonged to 25-35 years of age. Apart from this, the data collated also indicated that users with affinity to luxury and premium brands (owners of high-end smartphones) were in high density at the international terminal in comparison to others.

Outcomes for the brand

In addition to being the first smartphone to ever launch a programmatic DOOH campaign at the airport, the brand also reached out to over 3Mn users in a span of 9 days with 1.7Mn unique footfalls.

Studies reveal that transit media is the most effective when it comes to generating brand awareness and ad recall, especially ads at airport which account for 74% ad recall. The case was no different for the smartphone brand as well, as it witnessed a slight uplift in brand awareness.