Durga Puja is a celebration surrounded by fun, frolic and food. One of the biggest festivals in Kolkata, it attracts huge crowds of people from all walks of life, young & old alike. Given the scale of this festival all brands want to capitalize the window of opportunity that this mass event offers. Typical branding options that most brands avail are large makeshift billboards placed at the entrance of the Pandal and the surroundings areas to garner massive reach and visibility. Pandals undeniably witness heavy density of footfalls, sometimes as high as 2-3 lakh footfalls a day. However, what most brands don’t realize is the role of Kolkata Metros during Durga Puja. Last year (2018), Kolkata metros witnessed the highest foot falls in 34 years with over 9.11 lakh passengers recorded in a single day. With so much to offer, screens at Kolkata metros can serve as an effective & innovative way to connect with consumers on the go. We at Lemma worked with some brands encouraging them to explore Kolkata Metro screens using Programmatic DOOH capabilities that functioned as a new avenue to deliver the brand message. Some of the key highlights observed during this period are listed below:

·        High Exposures- A surge in exposures was witnessed. We delivered 5 times more impressions that anticipated.

·     Vast Reach – Over 1.3Mn reach within 4 days of the campaign.

·       Cost Efficient – Cost Per Impression attained was as low as 0.36INR.

In addition to this the brands also experienced several operational and executional advantages like dynamic creative rotation, live tracking of exposures & reporting etc. Lemma also enabled the brands to gather audience insights some of which are listed in the info graphic below. Programmatic DOOH is a fresh approach to create an audience connect. With growing media fragmentation and receding user attention brands can explore and embrace this medium and look at it as mainstream digital channel to deliver ground-breaking brand campaigns.