Programmatic DOOH – The protective gear for brands to step out in the new normal.

Just like the consumers brands have also remained indoors for the longest time during this pandemic.  With new relaxation rules kicking in and with consumer movement steadily on the rise, it’s time brands step out and resume their outdoor activities.

The graph below (source- India mobility report) reflects the audience movement tracked from the beginning of the lock-down to phase begin again in India. A 15% increase in noticed towards August i.e phase 3 of begin again. The audience movement around the globe also reflect similar movement patterns with slight variations, depending on the relaxation rules in each country.

The audiences are moving out with necessary precautions to ensure maximum safety & brands too must “Step Out” with precautions, by weighing in newfangled ways of effectively maximizing audience reach & driving ROI for the OOH ad spends.

Precautions that Brand Must Take Before “Stepping Out”

Focus on Audience & Not Screens                                    

Brands should shift focus on Audience movement rather than screens or placements. Using advanced planning tools like Falcon, brands can gage the real-time audience movement trend and select screens that garner maximum relevant eyeballs and minimize wasted exposures.

Placed based media in the current times have shown dense audience movement, with Residential complexes & Grocery stores showing an increase or steady movement even during the lock-down. Tapping into these screens for an effective connect is economical while simultaneously providing added brand visibility required to make an audience connect.

The Sole Cluster that saw an uptick in audience movement –
Picture Source – Bloomberg Quint
Data Sourced – Google Mobility Report

Stay Relevant

Being relevant at all times is important, however in the current times this aspect takes a whole new meaning. Programmatic DOOH offers flexibility like no other when it comes to dynamic ad rendering. This has been brilliantly exhibited by all DOOH players globally wherein contextual messaging during the pandemic was rendered, appreciating our front-line warriors. Brands can seamlessly activate transition of ad messages basis the topically of the event, real time triggers such as weather, traffic lights, Air quality Index and more.

Dynamic ads are essential to leverage the context effect. Studies cite a combination of relevant moment and contextual ads accelerate brain responses & stimulate brand recall at a much faster pace.

Source – The Moments of Truth

Leverage the Dynamic Duo of Mobile & DOOH

Digital out of home and Mobile share a unique compatibility. Brands must understand how Mobile and DOOH can be used in various combinations which in turn can drive better brand engagement.  Concepts like parallel branding and retargeting can be an added layer enabling brands to convert passive viewers into active brand engagers.

Measurement of DOOH ad effectiveness can also be established using Mobile and Programmatic Digital out of home.  Brands can gage the impact the pDOOH as has had on the exposed audiences and take necessary steps in the future.

Understanding these aspects and incorporating them in the Digital out of home plans will certainly ensure the brands are taking the necessary precautions and are gaining maximum reach and ROI out of the devised media plan.

Lastly, if brands are wondering why one should advertise now. Then here are some pointers that may convince you as to how pDOOH advertising makes the most sense in the current scenario.

Embrace Programmatic Digital Out of Home Now!