Anticipated Footfall & Occupancy Levels Post Lockdown

As the lockdown is being relaxed in certain parts of the country, the biggest question for most OOH advertisers is where will the audience be and in what proportion.

Several industry experts s have anticipated the following occupancy level in terms of audience footfall once the lockdown is relaxed further or uplifted.

Since traveling won’t be a high priority people with high disposable incomes are liking to flock towards malls post lockdown.

New Norms to dictate the occupancy levels across locations

Continued guidelines to follow social distancing and limit the number of gatherings will certainly impact the footfalls at several locations, including corporate firms which are currently being staffed at 33% . Additionally railways are also gearing up to resume services , however the time spent at railways would increase keeping in mind the safety of the citizens and other precautionary measures taken.

The upside to this is increased dwell time offered in certain locations and surge in audience attention to OOH ads, as cited by a study which states that 86% audience will notice OOH ads much or more post lockdown.

Data-Driven planning and audience buying – The new approach to OOH

As brands gear up to greet customers in a world post lockdown using  data-driven planning tools & advance audience targeting parameters to know the density of the desired audience would deliver better results ensuring higher visibility and improved outcome.