The brand wanted to reach maximum audiences very specifically from the north markets in particular cities.


  • The strategy was to display ads in locations where audience movement of the defined TG was frequent & dense.
  • Hence the 2 busy airports in India which catered to this audience were identified as prime locations using insights from Lemma DMP
  • The insights were further refined with Delhi airport displaying ads at Arrival and departure whereas In Mumbai only arrivals were utilized to showcase the ad.
  • To enhance delivery further the campaign was launched in sync with the flight schedule at airports, timed to render dynamic ads reflecting elements peculiar to the city the flight is scheduled for. E.g.- Creative for Lucknow flights had biryani images & those for Delhi had India gate.


  • The campaign was activated with Google DV360 as the demand partner.
  • Lemma DMP platform ingests data through API integration and converts it into functional plugs, remotely notifying screens to match the ad to the detected flight scheduled an hour prior to the flight.
  • A QR code was included in the creative to enable users to read more about the insurance brand.
  • In addition to this polygon, mapping was also deployed to retarget audiences on their mobile device using DV360.