Objective & Challenge

An entertainment brand wanted to create buzz & garner visibility just before the release of their popular movie.

Entertainment as an industry heavily utilizes OOH for promotions. This brand wasn’t an exception either.

However, the challenge was to ensure the medium is used in a manner, so as to break the media cutter & attain higher OTS.

Strategy & Solution

A unique strategy was crafted which married the two mediums i.e. Digital & OOH to deliver an impactful campaign that rendered dynamic creatives in real-time on digital billboards basis the weather conditions.

Elements from the movie representing Wind, Fire & Water were showcased dynamically on DOOH screens in sync with the weather condition.

E.G when it rained the water elemental creative was rendered in real-time across multiple digital screens.


A total of 700K impressions were delivered in 5 days.

The campaign witnessed organic traction with mentions on several media news sites.

Maximum impressions were served to the millennials 18-34years.