Although Digital Out of Home (DOOH) accounts for a small portion of the OOH pie chart, it’s growth is anticipated to accelerate further with Programmatic capabilities added to its bouquet of offerings. Digital Screens in India are now coming of age with programmatic capabilities and Lemma is playing a vital role in bringing about this evolution.

Lemma is bringing in a programmatic revolution in the OOH industry by converting smart/internet enabled screens into programmatic ready digital display ad units. With Lemma’s proprietary media player software, digital signage are being integrated with standardized digital platforms to serve digital ads. What this means is that digital screen owners are connected to demand side platforms (DSP’s), thereby enabling them to connect with multiple digital advertisers,instantly. This then translates into an additional source of revenue for the screens owners who otherwise rely on limited advertiser/brand opportunities.

It is with Lemma that screens at railway and metro stations, airports, modern retail outlets, Pubs and restaurants and even digital billboards have been converted to programmatic ready screens, with demand for these screens coming from digital media advertisers. Lemma has launched successful campaigns across each of these clusters using demand partners like Google DV360 and Verizon media.

Lemma’s media player is compatible with Android, Windows, Linux & MAC operating systems. Media owners working with Lemma retain complete control of their inventory and their screens. They have complete access and transparency through a single view dashboard provided by us. With a current strength of 5,000+ screens in India, Lemma is anticipating to on board 15,000 screens over the course of the next 6 -8 months. Lemma also has presence in Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand.

If you are a media owner looking to ride on the programmatic DOOH wave, then Lemma is the partner you are looking for.

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