An effective emerging touch point to drive consumer connect

Place based media in DOOH encompasses a wide variety of formats that are specially located where particular groups congregate for a variety of purposes. People congregate in airports, in shopping malls, in stores, in colleges, etc.  An emerging space in this category of place-based media are DOOH screens in residential building across India.

Residential DOOH screens in India are on the rise and some are even programmatically enabled. The screens are strategically placed in the heavy-traffic common areas of high-rise buildings to enhance the resident experience.

Although in a fairly nascent stage these screens come with some great targeting advantages. In addition to basic targeting, advertisers can use advanced data sets like income group, education level, life stage (parents, seniors etc.) or even occupation to build effective media plans.

Current Scenario

The Google Covid-19 Community Mobility Report June 2020 highlights how the movement in residential complexes has increased as compared to other locations.

The new normal as we call it has restricted the movement of people to places that usually witnessed heavy footfalls. However, residential complexes on the other hand have continued traffic, although not the same level as before but sufficient to communicate with the customers. Messages can vary from generic safety information to updates like e-com, now open to delivering all goods and commodities

E.g. – OTT platforms can make use of these screens to announce launch of new show. E.g. – Fitness Apps can show ads like live Zumba class at 11.00am today. Download the app now Online education apps, Home printers, hygiene products etc. and many more brand can deliver customized messages to the potential audiences.

Depending on the time of the day or the temperature ads can be customized to build resonance and aid brand recall. E.g. – Feeling drained cause of the heat. Include this for an ad with temperature sync and deliver impact in the unlikeliest of places for any energy drink brand.

How people will buy post the pandemic?

In a recent report by the e-marketer, consumers have ranked product availability and it’s ability to meet the needs over brand loyalty and price. This makes it imperative for brands to be on top of mind at all times, as it gives FMCG products the opportunity to create intent and drive trails, as consumers are more open to using products that help meet their needs vs only buying those products they’ve used in the past.

Lemma has access to screens across multiple residential complexes in India. Using this space can help both local as well as big brands win consumer attention and sustain brand recall.  To know more about these screens can be utilized to it’s full potential and other details, connect with our team here –