A beer brand in Indonesia wanted to connect with audiences who are light drinkers, price-sensitive & would casually pair a drink to go with a meal


  • Most Light drinkers purchase beers from stores or modern retail outlets.
  • The cost of beer in stores is 3.1x lower than that at bars or pubs.


  • Keeping in mind the brands TG, Lemma identified places that had higher concertation of the defined TG.
  • For this purpose 50 POS terminal screens with an average footfall of 200, a day were utilized to show multiple creatives.


  • As DOOH regulars the brand experienced cost efficiencies using Lemma‚Äôs programmatic capabilities. An Ecpm of 50 rupiah was attained
  • The brand has adopted Programmatic DOOH as an always-on strategy.
  • To create a connect with the audiences the creatives showed how the beer can be paired with any meal at home.
  • All of this was remotely managed using Lemmas centralized system which brought in ease, in campaign delivery, creative rotation & measurement.