Digital out of home ads are more than mere exposures. When rendered strategically these ads can drive users to take action and escalate the overall impact of every exposure. DOOH is often undermined for its ROI delivery capabilities but the case is rather different. The 2020 Nielsen report on DOOH highlights that on an avg. 52% of the people notice DOOH ads almost all the time or most of the times, and this is true across all forms of Digital out of home screens.  

Data Source – Nielsen 2020 report on DOOH Ads

The action taken by the exposed audiences can be broadly categorized into two i.e. direct actions or digital actions. Direct action can be summarized as any form of engagement exhibited by the viewing audience, example – purchasing the product, visiting the store, recommending the product etc. Digital actions can be defined as actions like searching for the product online, visiting the website, downloading the app, scanning codes etc.

In either of the two cases Digital out of home ads serve as real world push notifications, encouraging viewers to engage with the brand being advertise. Layering this capability with contextual ad serving, real time ad sync and other programmatic advantages further enhances the media outcome.

How Brands can use Programmatic Digital OOH to Drive Actions?

Brands can propel DOOH to attain goals beyond visibility using any of the methods listed below.  

Leverage Creative Flexibility

Programmatic Digital out of home gives brands a free hand when it comes to creating ads. Brands can use this to their advantage by serving contextual ads or ads that guide users with a clear CTA e.g. Scan this code and get instant rewards or you are just one left turn away from ABC restaurant.   

Fun Fact – Directional ads are often appreciated by audiences resulting in driving higher footfall to stores. Depending on the type of DOOH cluster, an avg. of 50% of viewers have taken notice of DOOH ads and of those a minimum of 60% or more have visited the store within 30mins of viewing the ads (source – Nielsen DOOH report 2020)

Location Based Ad serving

Hyper local campaigns as they are commonly called can also drive actions. Usually helpful in driving store visits these ads can be activated basis the proximity of the digital OOH screen to the store location. The ad serving is done on those screens located within the defined parameter of the store location.  These are leveraged further using Directional ads.

Union of Mobile and DOOH  

The 2 mediums when used in a complementary fashion drive remarkable outcomes. 60%65%, of people who viewed a Digital out of home ad, took some form of digital action on their Smartphone’s. Such campaigns can be executed using any of the following concepts

  • Parallel Branding– is the concurrent display of ads on DOOH screens and mobile devices within a geo fenced area.
  • Retargeting – DOOH ad exposed audiences can be retargeted on mobile devices. This is done by mapping the mobile lat-long coordinates to the DOOH screen coordinates and the ad time-stamp. The anonymized data procured through a 3rd party data provider is then utilized to serve ads on mobile devices.

Data –Enriched Ad Serving

Data at all levels be it audience, screen, location or any other parameter can be stitched together to influence consumers to drive actions.  Anticipating audience behavior by analyzing data points can help device a strategy, to influence consumers to act.   Here’s an example of how it can be done

Case – Study

Maximum Screen Utilization                          

Each screen has some advantage to offer to the advertisers and it’s important that brands take notice of this when creating ads. Many brands overlook the possibilities that programmatic DOOH screens offer and run static ads. With interactive screens growing in numbers brands should consider making ads that enable users to do more than merely view. One size fits all approach may not lead to ideal media outcomes.

Programmatic digital out of home serves as a full funnel solution. Lemma has executed multiple campaigns right from driving intent to uplift in sales. You can get in touch with our team to explore how we can help reap maximum ROI.