2019 was a strong year for DOOH and 2020 continues to look promising with immense progress in technology, creativity, relevance, data and innovation. A booming industry, DOOH will propel further, supplemented with programmatic technology in the wake of 2020.

  • Programmatic DOOH Going Mainstream – In 2019 brands embraced programmatic DOOH as an enhanced medium to connect with audiences who are up and about for most hours. pDOOH will transition from “test and learn” to a media plan “must have” as quoted in the biennial State of the Nation global marketplace report.
  • Evolve to a Digital First Medium- Integration with DSP’s (demand side platforms) like Google DV360, MediaMath, Verizon etc. have transformed pDOOH into a digital medium. This allows digital media planners to include pDOOH as a new display environment in their plans. Such integrations with digital platforms will accelerate the adoption of DOOH as a digital channel in 2020. Lemma is one such pDOOH provider integrated with all of the above-mentioned DSP’s with minimal or no discrepancies noticed.
  • Technology led Innovation – with advancement in technology brands can use pDOOH to deliver impact at scale. E.g. – Skoda recently launched a campaign in India to serve ads based on vehicle recognition in real-time with the help of intelligent ML-AI algorithms. Another note worthy campaign was executed by Peugot, wherein the billboard used various acoustic sensors to harness the sound of urban noise pollution which was then converted into energy to charge electric cars.In addition to these spectaculars, live data feeds & API integrations are also used to activate campaigns in real time based on the moment the brand wants to leverage E.g.- Sony pictures along with Lemma used artificial intelligence along with live feed for changes in the weather conditions and temperature that were tracked real-time on the Billboard. The creatives were then rendered basis the weather conditions.
  • Rise of Programmatic ready digital signage – Sensing the potential of programmatic DOOH many media owners are now converting the inventory. In 2019 this was witnessed at a slow pace but 2020 will see this trend accelerate as the demand for this medium continues to surge. E.g.- Panasonic in India has partnered with Lemma to power digital screens with media players, thus making the screen owners programmatic ready. In addition to this many “non-traditional” out of home media owners like Way finding screens, Self- help kiosk, vending machines, ATM machines etc are also joining the bandwagon to monetize their screens.
  • Advances in Data & Insights – 2019 was focused on identifying sources & gathering data to build a robust repository of audience insights that help in planning media. 2020 will be more about refining the data harnessing process and how this can be leveraged in real time to deliver cross channel efficiencies. Lemma uses IOT beacons, Lat-long data and information from the third party to build audience insights. The next step for 2020 is in the direction of making use of technology to identify footfalls in real time to deliver optimal media plans coupled with audience segmentation generated with the data repository.
  • Will emerge as a viable contender for digital dollars – With a plethora of problems plaguing the digital industry like ad fraud, ad blocking, brand safety etc. pDOOH servers an effective medium to connect with the audiences. Furthermore, the millennials and GenZ find OOH to be the most preferred medium in comparison to all other media formats. This is largely for the fact that DOOH in non-intrusive & respects their space.

To summarize, 2020 will see pDOOH transform into a true digital medium with advancement in data and technology coupled with integration in the digital ecosystem through DSP’s. Innovation will continue to on board and encourage brands to embrace this medium as a must have going forward, thus boosting the DOOH spends share.